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How Long Opiates & Opioids Stay in Your System Saliva, Urine & Hair

Over time, intestinal inflammation increases the risk of gastrointestinal disorders and impairs your body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food, leading to nutritional deficiencies. Your liver metabolizes (breaks down) alcohol and converts it into acetaldehyde, a toxin and carcinogen. Your body eventually breaks acetaldehyde into acetate, but it can damage the liver before this occurs. Every […]

What is the Average Age of Death for an Alcoholic?

It is critically important to seek out a professional alcohol addiction treatment program to safely detox and withdraw from alcohol use. An alcohol abuse problem can range anywhere from mild to severe, depending on what type of signs and symptoms you are experiencing, how often you are drinking and for how long. Severe alcohol use […]

Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences DCCPS

Continued research into the detrimental and beneficial effects of alcohol in human cancer patients and animal models of cancer is a key factor to understanding the complex interactions that affect tumor progression and survival, particularly in the context of alcohol use. This research has a strong potential to discover new immunotherapy and epigenetic approaches to […]