How stress can become your friend?

There are a thousand ways to fight stress. However, is he so terrible as is commonly believed? Neuropsychologist Ian Robertson reveals his positive side. It turns out that stress can not only be an enemy. How does this happen?

Your neck, head, throat or back hurt? Sleep badly, you can’t remember what you talked about a minute ago, and you can’t concentrate? These are signs of stress. But it is useful in what is associated with the cognitive function. It is stress that releases the hormone norepinephrine (Norepinephrine), which in minor doses helps to increase the effectiveness of the brain.

The level of norepinephrine in the normal functioning of the body is within a certain framework. This means, at rest, the brain works half

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-heartedly, as well as memory. The optimal brain efficiency is achieved when its different parts begin to better interact due to the active participation of neuropolis neoplass. When all areas of your brain work like a good orchestra, you feel how productivity increases and memory improves.

Pensioners who are exposed to stress due to family conflicts or partner illness, retain memory at a better level for two or more years than elderly people living a calm, measured life. This feature was revealed when studying the impact of stress on the mental activity of people with different levels of intelligence. People with intelligence above average produce more norepinephrine when they are offered to solve a difficult problem than owners of average intelligence. An increase in the level of norepinephrine was diagnosed to expand the pupil, a sign of norepinephrine activity.

Norepinephrine can act as a neuromodulator that stimulates the growth of new synaptic ties throughout the brain. This hormone also contributes to the formation of new cells in certain areas of the brain. How to determine the “dose of stress”, under the influence of which our productivity will be optimal?

Two ways to use stress to increase efficiency:

1. Mark the symptoms of excitation

Before an exciting event, such as a meeting or presentation, say aloud: “I am worried”. Signs such as increased heartbeat, dry mouth and increased sweating occur both with joyful excitement and with increased anxiety. Calling your sensations, you are approaching a super -productivity, because you realize that now the level of adrenaline in the brain is increasing, which means that the brain is ready to act quickly and clearly.

2. Make two deep slow breaths and exhalations

Inhale, slowly counting to five, then exhale just as slowly. A section of the brain in which norepinephrine is produced is called a blue place (lat. Locus coeruleus). It is sensitive to the level of carbon dioxide in the blood. We can adjust the content of carbon dioxide in the blood using breathing and increase or lower the amount of released norepinephrine. Since norepinephrine triggers the “run or fight” mechanism, you can control the level of anxiety and stress with breathing.

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